Welcome to New Life Institute!

We are a community of well-trained and licensed therapists available to help meet your counseling needs, as well as provide occasional workshops and seminars. . . . .


New Life Institute, Inc. is located at
607 Rathervue Place.
(Just north of The University of Texas at Austin).

Some of us are long term, experienced therapists, others are recently-graduated students working under supervision to meet permanent licensure requirements.

All of us do our work with a healthy respect and joy with the spiritual realm.

We are qualified to receive reimbursement from some insurance companies. The Institute has a sliding scale for those unable to pay regular fees.

…check us out, we are glad to work with you and help you.



To get more information, you can explore our website, call the New Life Institute office (morning  hours 9am ‘til 1pm, Monday through Friday) at 512 469 9447, or submit an online intake form.

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