Staff Selections

Here, we'll post recommendations for articles or books individual members of the New Life Institute staff have found helpful and/or thought-provoking.
This suggestion is an interview from the Harvard Business Review entitled, "That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief". It is a Q&A with David Kessler, described as "the world's foremost expert on grief", regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. David Kessler has co-authored two books with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the psychiatrist and theorist behind the five stages of grief.
Submitted by Stephen Pieringer, MA, LPC, Representative to the Board of Directors, Webmaster
This suggestion is an opinion piece concerning anxiety from the New York Times entitled, "I Know What You Think of Me". *
"It's an insightful, funny, and perfectly (at times excruciatingly) human perspective on the courage it takes to be known."
Submitted by Stephen Pieringer, MA, LPC-Intern, Intern Representative
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