James L. (Jim) King, BS

Board Chair

A retired realtor, computer consultant, software developer, and an active (amateur, uncredentialed) research psychologist, Jim King has had a lifelong interest in the scientific study of human consciousness, and its implications for understanding physics, biology, and the natural world. His research focuses on dyscalculia, neurofeedback training, mental imagery, lucid dreaming, and anomalies of consciousness. In addition, he has an abiding interest in mental health issues and supports active and innovative approaches to providing the Austin Metro Area community with needed counseling services.

Jim received a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Houston in 1972, followed by graduate studies in psychology and education at the University of Texas in 1986-87. He has fifteen years of experience in information technology and owned his own computer consulting business. He is also involved in community volunteer activities, including past and present service on the boards of directors of nonprofit organizations including New Life Institute, the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS), and the Scientific Anomaly Institute.

Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, Inc. (INACS)

Founder, Lifetime Trustee, Research Associate


In 1990, Jim originated the concept of INACS, a 501(c)(3), nonprofit scientific research institute, and has enthusiastically championed the project from its inception. He has devoted much time and energy to strategic planning, funding, and budgetary matters. He also serves as principal investigator on past and present INACS research projects.  In addition to his current research projects, Jim intends to earn professional certification in biofeedback and neurofeedback technologies.  Jim considers the facilitation of consciousness research to be his life’s calling and intends for INACS to make a major contribution to the scientific understanding of the human mind.

New Life Institute

Chair, Board of Directors


Jim has also had personal and family experience with mental health issues, and has close personal friends who are also dealing with serious mental health problems. Because of these experiences, Jim is dedicated to providing much-needed counseling services to the Austin Metro Community and intends to enable New Life Institute to continue to be a recognized, important source of these services for the foreseeable future.

New Life Institute


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